Summer Picnic at Ratanà

Happy summer! Looking for something to do to celebrate the new season? Don’t miss the summer picnic at Ratana.

Best Gelato Shops in Milan

Since gelato never goes out of season–not even during the cooler months–we have decided to update what we believe are the five best gelato shops in Milan.

Best pastry shops in Milan

Best places in Milan to indulge in a dolce From fat crumble cookies to buttery brioche and the more traditional Italian desserts, this list of the best pastry shops in Milan has you, and your sweet tooth, covered.

Where to eat breakfast in Milan

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Best restaurants in Milan’s Brera

We round up a collection of some of the best restaurants in Brera. A charming neighborhood in Milan that’s well worth a visit.

Best Restaurants Near Milan’s Duomo

One of the busiest and most beautiful parts of the city, therefore one of the most tricky areas for eating well. Here are five of the best restaurants near the Duomo in Milan.

Where to eat in Milan: Navigli Restaurants

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Where to Eat Inside Milan Central Station

Behold: it’s entirely possible to have a decent meal inside Milan’s central station. In this post Sara shares her fond childhood memories and, more importantly, her list of the best places to eat inside Milan Central Station.

Restaurants in Milan: Isola

No matter what neighborhood you visit, you’ll always be looking for great restaurants in Milan. Here are five of the best restaurants in Isola, a beloved yet unsung neighborhood in Milan.