Best Restaurants Near Milan’s Duomo

Piazza del Duomo and its surrounding streets are probably the most tourist-packed in Milan, and we get asked all the time about restaurants near Milan’s Duomo and where to eat in this area.

The word Duomo pops up all around Italy, Garibaldi style. Duomo is a name for an Italian cathedral church and many an Italian city houses a Duomo of its own including Florence, Siena, Torino, Orvieto, Amalfi and, of course, Milan whose iconic Duomo, a Gothic cathedral, stands tall and grand in the aptly named and equally grand Piazza del Duomo. Visitors flock to this square, the heart of Milan’s historic center, to see the marvel that is the Italian state territory’s largest—and the world’s fourth largest—church.

Between the Duomo and its nearby obligatory landmarks such as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, La Scala Theater and the Sforza Castle, the herds of tourists coupled with the Milanese going about their day can be enough to make anyone in the vicinity claustrophobic. So, be wary— tourist traps galore line the streets and it’s difficult to find a decent meal. Here’s a piece of advice: please don’t eat anywhere inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Sure, sip a coffee at the Gucci Cafe if you wish, but avoid the restaurants.

We love when an opening comes along that lets us update this list (last updated in May) so here are seven restaurants in Milan near the Duomo that we recommend.

Panino Giusto

Panino-Giusto-restaurant Milan--Duomo The newest addition to the list. The ever reliable Panino Giusto has been serving quality panini, the ultimate slow fast food, since 1979, and has made a distinct mark on Milan’s panini culture. One of the many things they do right is that although the brand has grown and expanded immensely with locations not only all over Italy, but in Asia, London and the U.S., their quality has never suffered. You will always have a great panini here. You might have trouble narrowing down your choices, so give a look here in case you need some guidance. Note: The panino pictured is smaller than usual as it was served at a special tasting presentation.

Piazzetta Liberty


Spazio--Restaurant Milan--Duomo
Chef Niko Romito of the three-star Michelin Ristorante Reale in Abruzzo opened Spazio–part-restaurant, part laboratory—on the top floor of the new Mercato del Duomo in Milan in 2015. The students from the chef’s esteemed eponymous Formazione run the show, handling everything from cooking to dining room management to service. The cuisine focuses strongly on Lombardian and Northern Italian traditions with a modern touch, and it’s delicious.

Mercato el Duomo; 3rd floor; Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II; +39 02.878400
Daily: 12.30pm-2.30pm; 7.30pm-10pm


Focacceria Manuelina

Focacceria Manuelina--Restaurant Milan--Duomo
Skip Luini and head to the ground floor of the Rinascente Annex, to Focacceria Manuelina, an outpost of the the beloved historic focacceria in Recco. Here, you may take your pick from a variety of flavors of this dreamy flatbread bread typical of Liguria. However, it’s the focaccio di Recco, a thin, crispy salty flatbread stuffed with the acidic stracchino cheese that will leave coming back for more. This is the perfect place to stop for a quick bite to recharge and then get on with your sightseeing.

La Rinascente annex, ground floor
Via Santa Radegonda 10, +39 028852297
Daily: 8am-10pm (9am opening on Sunday)



Lievito Madre al Duomo--Restaurant Milan--Duomo
Gino Sorbillo, one of Italy’s most famous pizza-makers, opened an outpost of his celebrated Naples pizzeria, Lievito Madre al Duomo, near the Duomo in Milan in October 2014. Here, he serves the signature flavors of Campania including salame irpino and organic extra virgin olive oil from Sorrento as well as foods that boast protected dominations of origin including San Marzano plum tomatoes from Salerno, Piennolo grape tomatoes from Vesuvio and buffalo mozzarella. You’ll find a selection of fried items among the starters, beer, and red, white and sparkling wines.

Largo Corsia dei Servi, 11; + 39 02 453 759 30
Monday – Saturday: 12pm to 3.30pm,7pm to 11.30pm
Closed Sunday



Eats--Restaurant Milan--Duomo
The Bistrò at this gourmet market and wine store at the Milan Excelsior reflects the Eat’s philosophy of showcasing quality ingredients through simple, satisfying cuisine. The menu rotates almost daily based on seasonal availability. You can also visit the market and grab a panino or a salad, and eat al fresco, picnic style on the Duomo steps.

Galleria del Corso, 4 – +39 02 76280614
Open Daily – 12:30pm – 3:30pm



Cafe Trussardi--Restaurant Milan--Duomo
Located on the ground floor of the same building that houses the fine dining restaurant Trussardi alla Scala. Drop in and take a seat in the restaurant’s less formal counterpar to sample the lavish breakfast buffet in the morning or drop in for lunch to enjoy Italian bistro-style dishes and a selection of sandwiches.

Piazza della Scala, 5 – +39 02 80688295
Open Monday – Friday, 7:30am to 11pm; Saturday, 12pm to 11pm



Ottimo Massimo--Restaurant Milan--Duomo
Situated on Via Spadari across from the iconic gourmet institution Peck, Ottimo Massimo is the perfect place to curb your appetite. Enjoy one of their many panini, salads, juices, drinks or pop in for a quick caffeine fix. High quality ingredients and decent prices are perfect for anyone looking for a some solid nosh in a low-key locale.

Via Spadari, corner of Via Victor Hugo – +39 02 4945 7661
Monday-Friday: 7am-8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am-7pm


Last update: May 17, 2016

Thanksgiving in Milan 2016

Thanksgiving in Milan doesn’t call for window decal decorations of turkeys, pilgrims and Indians or a cartoon-float-filled spectacle of a parade along Broadway or watching NFL football, but there are, however, some restaurants in Milan that pay tribute to the most American holiday of them all.

This year, Thanksgiving takes place on Thursday, 24 November and here are some restaurants where you can celebrate Thanksgiving in Milan the American way. The list is by no means exhaustive and we’ll be updating this if/when more details become available. Also, if we missed anywhere, give us a holler and we’ll gladly update our list.


Thankgiving in Milan 2016 Erba BruscaWith a kitchen overseen by chef Alice Delcourt (who just happens to American), Erba Brusca is perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner. The evening’s menu starts with a radicchio and pomegranate salad followed by a sweet potato velouté with blue goat cheese and almonds. Savor a roasted turkey with stuffing and puree of potatoes, parsnip and Brussels sprouts with honey and guanciale and finish with apple crumble for dessert. Yum.

€35 per person, drinks not included
Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, 286; +39 02 8738 0711
Dinner: 8pm – 12am


Easy Milano, a local magazine that caters to the city’s native English speakers, is holding their annual Thanksgiving dinner in Milan at Hotel dei Cavalieri  and is in collaboration with the United States Consulate General in Milan as well as the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy. After a welcome aperitivo with finger food, the three-course menu begins with creamy pumpkin soup with ginger and coconut cream; autumn salad with honey balsamic dressing,  oven roasted turkey with home-style gravy and a number of sides: chestnut and celery stuffing with herbs; garlic mashed potatoes; sweet potatoes with crème fraiche and paprika; green beans with almond slices; cranberry sauce and homemade cornbread. Finish with pumpkin Pie and red velvet cake. Plus, NFL football will air and there will be children’s room with entertainment. Additional items for kids include Mac and Cheese and unlimited ice cream. Wine, water and coffee are included in the price.  Click here to purchase your tickets, and be sure to have your photo ID and tickets on hand day-of.

€56 per person for adults
€28 per child (12 years-old and under)
Hotel dei Cavalieri, Piazza G. Missori 1
Starts at 8pm; 7pm for families
Email for more info.


Thanksgiving in MIlan 2016This bakery and eatery dedicated to American- and English-style sweets, bites and preparations will be holding their annual Thanksgiving dinner this year as well a cooking class on 16 November for those who want to take on the feast themselves. We’ll update this with more details once we have them.

Via San Siro 2; +39 0248102542;  Website
Photo: Facebook 


Three locales  of this American style bakery will be offering an American-style dinner. Details to come. They will also have an eight-hour master cooking class for adventurous home cooks ready to take on the turkey and all its consorts themselves.

Piazza Sant’Eustorgio, 4; + 39 02 39811750
Via Larga, 19; + 39 02 39811750
Viale Premuda, 44; + 39 02 39811750

Cover photo: Gabriel Garcia Marengo

Pan dei Morti: the Bread of the Dead

Halloween has come and gone, but it’s not all candy and costumes here in Milan. Come October, there’s one sweet treat that starts adorning the shelves of Milan’s pasticcerie and panifici: pan dei morti. This “bread of the dead” is consumed on All Soul’s Day (2 November) in honor of dearly departed loved ones.

Recipes vary, but they’re generally made from chocolate, dried fruit, vin santo (an Italian desert wine typical of Tuscany) and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Pan dei morti looks a bit bread-like though it’s more of a cookie…it’s crumbly and topped with a generous dusting of powdered sugar. Just like ppanettone at Christmas time, pan dei morti is required late October/November eating in Milan.

Our friend and Milan native Federica Sacchi is a bonafide pan dei morti enthusiast, and here she shares with us her five favorite places for the best pan dei morti in Milan, listed below. Big thanks to Federica for taking the time to do this as well as for the photos! You can follow her adventures around Milan and Italy on Instagram: @signorina_effe. She’s awesome!

Five places to find pane dei morti in Milan:

1) Pasticceria Clivati: This classic and elegant pasticceria Milanese always boasts luxurious, mouth-watering windows. They make pan dei Morti this time of the year, and to hold you over for the other eleven months, they make a delicious chocolate crostata with raspberries all the time. (Viale Coni Zugna 57; + 39 02 8940 3338; open 7 days: 7am – 8.30pm website)

2) Pasticceria Lorini: This elegant pasticceria in Porta Venezia always puts out a nice pane dei morti come October. (Via Castel Vorrone,23, + 39 02 2951 6086; Open Tuesday – Sunday: 8am-1pm; 3.30pm – 8pm, but closes at 6.30pm on Sundays; closed Monday; website)

3) Pasticceria Cucchi: Cucchi needs no introduction. This historic sala da thè Milanese makes a splendid cappuccino with an array of delicious brioche and in the evenings offers a very posh aperitivo. Don’t forget to pick up a pan dei morti if you drop in this time of year…it’s delicious! (Corso Genova, 1; + 39 02 89409793; Tuesday – Sunday 7am – 10pm; closed Monday; website)

4) La Farina del Mio Sacco: This bakery, which has won many prizes for its bread, makes delicious focaccia, wonderful pasta frolla cookies and amazing pan dei morti. (Via Eustachi 17; + 39 02 4963 2726; Monday – Friday, 7am – 8pm; Saturday 7am – 2pm; 4pm – 7.30pm, closed Sunday; website)

5) Panificio Damiani: Last but not least, this is the panificio I always think about when it comes to pan dei morti. It’s a simple panificio at the corner of my street where I used to buy my merenda at the end of my middle school classes (which is conveniently located on the other corner of my street!). Fun fact: There has always been a panificio at this address since at least the 1960s. (Via Foppa 41; + 39 02 48951395)

Best Restaurants in Isola

Milan’s popular but relatively unsung Isola neighborhood is no exception. Sitting north of the city center, Isola is so called because it was once a suburban “island” on Milan’s border, from where one had to cross a bridge to enter the city. It’s definitely worth a visit not only to see its interesting 19th and 20th century architecture, vibrant street art and World War II monuments, but also because Isola is just plain cool. While there are some busy thoroughfares, many of the streets are quiet, and there’s also some awesome places to shop.

We created our original list of the best restaurants in Isola two years ago and our original picks still make the cut. However, the recent opening of a new pizzeria prompted us to include a new addition.



Ratana-Restaurant in Isola-MilanAt this restaurant situated inside a free-standing house, chef Cesare Battisti, a Milan native, cooks up some of the city’s best authentically Milanese flavors, keeping some dishes traditional while adding a whimsical twist to others. His risotto alla Milaneseis arguably the best in the city and his crispy veal tongue with mashed potatoes, lemon sauce and celery is a favorite. You’ll find bottles from all over Italy, France and beyond on the 47-page wine list.

Via de Castilla 28; +39 02 87128855
Open seven days: 12.30-2.30pm and 7.30 – 11.30pm
Aperitivo: 6.30pm – 8.30pm


Berbere Pizzeria Restaurant in Isola MilanThe Milan outpost of this pizzeria from pizzaioli brothers Matteo and Salvatore Aloe doesn’t disappoint. They use a lievito madre with semi-whole wheat stone ground flour to create a dough that matures for at least 24 hours at room temperature. The end result is a crust that is pure perfection. Select from a number Rosso (tomato sauce based) or Bianco (fior di latte based) topped options. The menu changes with the seasons, and the quality of the ingredients is top. To drink, sip one of the biodynamic wines or artisan craft beers.

Via Sebenico, 21
+39 02 3670 7820
Open seven days
Monday – Friday: 7pm – 11.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12.30pm – 2.30pm; 7pm – 11.30pm


Anche Trattoria-Restaurant in Isola-MilanThis trattoria underwent a redesign after which the first word of the restaurant’s former name (which indicated the color of the walls) has been omitted: Blu. Upon seating, you receive the menu in the form of an origami swan which you then unfold to read. Take your pick from classic Italian fare which may include fritelle, pappa al pomodoro, risotto alla Milanese, pollo alla diavola, a non-traditional Milanese cutlet (cotoletta sbagliata) and more. The wine list includes biodynamic labels and brunch is served on the weekends. The bar is open all the day should you require a caffeine fix during the off hours.

Via Carmagnola 5; + 39 331.822.40.02
Restaurant Hours:Monday – Saturday: 12pm – 2:30pm; 7.30pm – 11pm
Sunday 12pm – 3:30pm
Bar hours:
Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 1:30am
Saturday: 8.30am to 1.30am
Sunday: 9am to 4pm


Casa Ramen-Restaurant in Isola-MilanAt this wallet-friendly locale, you’ll find classic ramen noodle dishes available in three preparations: soy, miso and vegetarian. The cozy room features long, wooden cafeteria style tables. Ramen dishes cost between 10 and 13 euros.

Via Porro Lambertenghi, 25; + 39 02 3944 4560
Tuesday – Saturday: 12.30pm – 3pm; 8pm – 11.30pmClosed Sunday and Monday


Frida-Restaurant in Isola-MilanA spacious bar venue featuring a list of more than 80 cocktails, beers on tap and Italian wines, Frida hosts one of the city’s most bustling and vibrant aperitivo sessions. Although Frida is more known for the beverages, scene and people-watching than for the food, the seasonal lunch menu seeks inspiration from Italian tradition, so you’ll have soups, pasta, meat and seafood dishes from which to take your pick. Drop in on Sunday for the prix-fix brunch with a menu that includes muffins eggs, pancakes, among other items. You’ll also find a lovely little clothing boutique on-site.

Via Pollaiuolo, 3; +39 02 680260
Monday – Friday: 10am to 3pm; 6pm to 2amSaturday: 4pm – 2am
Sunday: 12am to 1am


Frida-Restaurant in Isola-MilanGelato shops are a dime a dozen in Italy, and no neighborhood is complete without a noteworthy gelateria; Isola’s is Artico Gelato Tradizionale, a 30-year-old shop with gelato made from natural products and artisanal ingredients such as Bronte pistachios, Etna hazelnuts and Sicilian almonds. There are enough chocolate options to amaze even the most jaded chocolate enthusiast while two of the shop’s signature flavors feature pistachio, one salted and the other with black pepper.

Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 15; +39 02 4549 4698
Open seven days a week: 12pm – 11pm

Earthquake in Italy: how we can help

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the tragedy that struck Italy this week. A devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake shook the towns of Appenine towns such as Amatrice, Accumoli, Pescara del Tronto and Arquata del Tronto.

Our hearts ache for the 290 lives lost as well as for the inhabitants of these towns whose lives will never be the same again.  It’s not easy carrying on with our day-to-day lives knowing about the catastrophic conditions just a few hours south, but thankfully, we’re not left twiddling our thumbs and feeling helpless.

There are plenty of ways to help the Italy earthquake victims and relief workers, which are listed below.

  • Eat Amatriciana: Pasta Amatriciana, one of Italy’s iconic pasta dishes, has its roots in Amatrice. More than 700 restaurants in Italy have pledged to donate 2 euro to Italy’s earthquake relief efforts for each pasta Amatriciana served. Additionally, restaurants in the US and all over the world have taken up the cause. Some restaurants are even adding pasta amatriciana to the menu especially for the sake of donations.
  • Mobile phone and landline donations: Tim, Vodafone Italy, Fastweb, Coopvoce, Wind and Infostrada users can donate 2 euro by sending a text to 45500. Or you can call that number from a landline.
  • Give to the daily newspaper La Stampa’s emergency fund by clicking here.
  • Donate goods such as clothing, blankets, toiletries, unopened medication and more at l’Ufficio Raccolta Fondi (Via S. Bernardino, 4) in Milan between Monday and Thursday: 9.30am-12.30pm and 2:30pm and 5.30pm; and Friday: 9.30am-12.30pm.

How to Celebrate Ferragosto in Milan

If you’d have visited a few years ago, you’d have probably found the experience of the mid-August feast Ferragosto in Milan to look more like a moon landing. But times have changed, the people of Milan can now see though F-day without the need for any military dropped survival packages and, hear ye, they can also have fun!

This post is about old and new options throughout the day that offer up some informal, authentic, entertainment (and food). Needless to say, you’ll be outdoors so grab your mosquito repellent, a picnic blanket and maybe a jumper – given the recent weather conditions – and find out how you can be truly jolly on Ferragosto in Milan without the lapping waves of cool water splashing on the beach. It is possible, trust us.

[Photo courtesy of Michele M.F.]

–Gaia Corazzari


Summer Picnic at Ratanà

To celebrate the first day of summer, chef Cesare Battisti of Ratanà–one of our favorite restaurants in Milan as well as a top pick for restaurants in Isola–is hosting a summer picnic on 22 June in conjunction with the Riccardo Catella Foundation and Identità Golose.

Festivities start at 7pm and the menu is below. Cost is 40 euro per person with drinks included. To add to the ambiance, the Four on Six band will provide the soundtrack for the evening.

Football fans fret not: Italy vs Ireland will air at 9pm on the outdoor screen. Additional details here and here.

We hope to see you there! Ratana:  via G. De Castillia 28; +39 (0)2 8712 8855

Ristorante Ratanà – Cesare Battisti
“From the garden …” or a sandwich with goat cheese, zucchini, marinated borage, tomato confit and a rice salad with spring herbs

Ristorante I Salentini, chef Rocco Maria Micoccio
The Rustico Leccese Santu Paulu

Macelleria dell’Annunciata – Mauro Brun and Bruno Rebuffi
The butcher preserves of  Bruno and Mauro

Bioesserì – Saverio Borgia e Federico della Vecchia
Flavors and Sicilian tradition: the great fry, arancini, panelle and croquettes

Ristorante I Salentini – Rocco Maria Micoccio
Pasticciotto Salento Santu Paulu

Ristorante Ratanà – Luca de Santi
Sweet American picnic: biscuits, marshmallows, brownies

Panificio Grazioli – Massimo Grazioli:
Bread and focaccia to ancient grains

Photo: Ratana’s Facebook page

Best Gelato Shops in Milan

Whether you’re visiting in spring, summer, fall or winter, it’s imperative to know the best gelato shops in Milan. The same rule applies to any other Italian city! When in Italy, gelato is a no brainer. More often than not ice cream is an integral part of one’s childhood, ingraining into us a fondness for this frozen dairy treat that stays with us for life. At some point, if we haven’t been to Italy ourselves, we all seem to have some sort of degree of separation to someone who reminisces fondly about Italian gelato, mentioning something usually along the lines of how, “gelato is much better than ice cream, but I can’t really put my finger on why. It’s just different.” Well, it’s true that gelato’s different…it’s made with more milk than cream so it therefore has less fat, and it’s churned at a slower speed, which doesn’t let in as much air. Gelato is also served at a warmer temperature, giving it that signature soft texture. Gelato shops are a dime a dozen in Italy so unless you know what to look for, it can be challenging to spot the good ones, so here are our picks for five of the best gelato shops in Milan. (Photo: Gelato Giusto)


Gelato Giusto--Best Gelato Shops in Milan
Gelato Giusto-Gelateria-Gelato Shop=Milan Having only opened in 2009, Gelato Giusto quickly ascended to a top slot among the best gelato shops in Milan. Owner Vittoria Bortolazzo opened the store with the idea of creating “high pastry” gelato after having worked her way around London and Paris following her graduation from Le Cordon Bleu where she earned a pastry degree. She uses milk from cows raised in Milan’s surrounding Lombardy region coupled with quality ingredients for her seasonal and classic gelato flavors.

Via San Gregorio, 17; + 39 02 29510284

Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm – 10.30pm
Sunday 12pm – 9pm

Photos: Facebook


Artico Gelato Tradizionale--Best Gelato Shops in Milan
Artico Gelato Tradizionale-Gelateria-Gelato Shop=Milan This 30-year-old shop uses only natural products supporting artisanal, authentic ingredients such as Bronte pistachios, Etna hazelnuts and Sicilian almonds. In addition to the various chocolate flavors, the salted pistachio is a must-try! If you’re looking for a scoop with a bit of kick, the pistachio and pepper is awesome.

Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 15; +39 02 4549 4698
Monday-Thursday: 11.30am-11.30pm
Friday and Saturday: 11.30am-1am
Sunday: 11.30am-12am

Photo: Facebook


I Gelati di Nanina--Best Gelato Shops in Milan
Milan This pleasant gelateria opened somewhat discreetly four years ago and quickly championed a place alongside some of the city’s longer standing gelato establishments thanks to its clean, delicate gelato made from natural ingredients offered in 20 flavors that rotate daily and are divided between classics and seasonal specialties, such as chestnut and pumpkin. You’ll also find vegan flavors, such as hazelnut, and ones made from alcohol and spirits like mojito. And this gelato isn’t just for a sweet treat! They recommend pairing some of their flavors with savory dishes such as the lemon and basil with raw seafood or grilled fish. This brainchild of two super-friendly women, Daniela and Donatella, features other frigorific refreshments such as “chipwiches” made with chocolate chip cookies that are baked onsite; smoothies, milkshakes and fruit and vegetable extracts. You may also ask for doppia panna, meaning which literally means “double cream” at the bottom of the cone and atop your ice cream.

Via Vincenzo Foppa, 52; + 39 02 4229 6698

Tuesday – Thursday: 1pm-9pm
Friday: 1pm-10pm
Saturday: 12pm-10pm
Sunday: 12pm-9pm
Closed Monday

Photo: Facebook


Gelateria Paganelli--Best Gelato Shops in Milan
Gelateria Paganelli-Gelateria-Gelato Shop=Milan Francesco Paganelli helms Gelateria Paganelli, established in 1930, serving up a delightful offering of seasonal and classic flavors. In addition to his gelato and granita, he has made quite a name for himself with his inventive wine sorbets in flavors that include cabernet and South Tyrol yellow muscat.

Via Gustavo Fara, 14; +39 02 670 2751
Open Monday – Saturday: 11am-11pm
Sunday: 11.30am-11pm

Photo: Facebook


La Botega del Gelato--Best Gelato Shops in Milan
La Bottega del Gelato-Gelateria-Gelato Shop=Milan Whipping up gelato since 1964, La Bottega del Gelato offers roughly 50 flavors daily, which may include avocado and pine nuts as well as a selection made from imported international fruits such as Chinese mandarin and dragon fruit. Much more than a gelateria, the shop sells fruit-filled cake-like masterpieces made from specialty ingredients. During the Christmas season, locals flock here for the ice cream filled cake!

Via Pergolesi, 3; +39. 02 2940076
Thursday – Tuesday: 9am – 12am (summer); 9am to 10pm (winter)

Photo: Facebook

Best pastry shops in Milan

When you think of Italian sweets, some of the most internationally recognized desserts might come to mind: cannoli, tiramisu, sfogliatelle and tartufo. While these are all delicious and rightfully merit a place in the canon of Italian pastries, there’s plenty more Italian sweets to consider.

Below are seven picks for some of the best pastry shops in Milan….from cookies and brioche to cakes and bon-bons, you’ll find a number of glorious, sweet-tooth-worthy delights.


Pave--Best Pastry Shops in Milan
One of the best ways to start the day is with Pavè’s Brioche 160 (pictured above). The 160 indicates the brioche’s weight in grams….100 of these little guys are inside the brioche in the form of marmelatta (apricot jam)! Other outstanding items include the plum cake, fruit crostatte and millefoglie, among others. Also worth noting is the bread, all made from 100% Italian wheat flour and rises 8 hours before being baked on stone. Heavenly.

Via Felice Casati, 27; + 39 02 94392259

Open: Monday – Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8.30am to 7pm



Pasticceria Marchesi--Best Pastry Shops in MilanFounded in 1824, Pasticceria Marchesi is one of Milan’s oldest and most beloved pastry shops. The care and attention to detail put into their window displays alone can rival those found outside some of Milan’s top fashion stores, a fitting comparison given that Prada has recently become the shop’s main proprietor. You’ll find precious chocolates, an array of biscotti, fruit tarts, bon-bons and more. The pasticceria sits on the corner of Corso Magenta, not too far from Santa Maria delle Grazie, the church housing Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper.

Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 11a; + 39 02 862770 / 02 876730
Tuesday – Saturday: 7.30am-8pm
Sunday: 8:30 am to 1pm



Ernst Knam--Best Pastry Shops in Milan
German pastry chef Ernst Knam is known to the public for his role as a judge on “Bake Off Italy” and the face of the reality show “Il Re del Cioccolato” (The King of Chocolate). One visit to his shop and you’ll see that his on-camera personas are rightly deserved. The pastry master, one of the best in Italy, had the privilege of working under legendary Italian chef Gualtiero Marchesi. You’ll find here thoughtful biscotti, diverse praline flavors and chocolate to make you squirm with delight as well as many other mouth-watering treats.

Via Augusto Anfossi, 10; + 39 02 5519 4448

Monday: 4pm – 8pm

Tuesday – Friday: 10am-1pm, 4pm-8pm
Saturday: 10am-1.30pm, 3pm-8pm
Sunday: 10am-1pm



Panzera--Best Pastry Shops in Milan
Former engineer Lorenzo Panzera completely switched career gears to take on his family trade and now owns two locations of this delightful namesake pastry shop. They do a nice panettone around the holidays and you’ll find an array of Italian pastries prepared in Viale Monte Santo location’s laboratory, which is viewable from the main area. See where the dreamy dolce like the mini Monte Bianco and cassata pastries are prepared.

Viale Monte Santo, 10; + 39 02 659 7327
Daily: 7am-8pm

Piazza Duca d’Aosta; +39 02 6710 0917
Daily: 5.30am-9.30pm



Pasticcereia Sissi--Best Pastry Shops in Milan
This charming pastry shop is the birth child of a beautiful love story between a born-and-bred Milanese woman and a Senegalese immigrant. Today, their children run the show, which boasts delectable Italian sweet treats from brioche to cookies to tarts to chocolate. The open-air garden in the back is a lovely little sanctuary, the perfect place to relax with a coffee in the morning or enjoy an afternoon snack. Also, their Saturday and Sunday noon aperitivo is delightful! Have a spiked spremuta with a number of freshly baked mini pizzas on the side along with some nuts and olives.

Piazza Risorgimento 6; +39 (0)2 7601 4664

Wednesday-Saturday: 6.30am to 8.00pm
Closes at 12pm on Monday
Closed on Tuesday



Pasticceria Martesana--Best Pastry Shops in Milan
A must-visit for chocolate pilgrims, Pasticceria Martesana belongs to pastry genius Davide Comaschi, winner of the 2013 World Chocolate Masters, an annual competition held in Paris. You’ll find here the most refined versions of seasonal specialties such as Easter’s colomba and Christmas’ panettone; ridiculously immaculate cakes, perfect cookies and, of course, exceptional chocolate. A second outpost opened in Chinatown in late 2015.

Via Cagliero, 14; + 39 02.66986634
Daily: 7.30am – 8.30pm

Via Paolo Sarpi 64; + 39 02 99265069
Daily: 8.00am-8.00pm


Best breakfast places in Milan

In Italy, breakfast is not even remotely the most important meal of the day, but you can still eat well if you know the best breakfast places in Milan.

Most of the time, breakfast in Milan is a matter to be taken care of quickly: just a sip of Espresso coffee (remember, this is what you get when you order “un caffè” in Italy) and a “brioche” – yes, in Milan we use the French word for it, although it is more bread-like and less buttery than a proper French croissant. A “brioche” becomes a “cornetto” in Rome.

Most Milanese people have their breakfast while standing. Reason for this is that first, we are always hurrying and saying “I’m late” just like Alice in Wonderland’s white rabbit; second: we like our coffee hot and the shorter the way from the coffee machine to our extended arm, the better.

Let’s now take a look together at the best breakfast places in Milan for a quick morning stop or for a long, leisurely vacation day colazione. – Sara Porro


Marotin--Best Breakfast Places in Milan
The unpretentious Marotin sounds French, but the name is actually the nickname of lovely Mariangela, owner and pastry chef. And one must admit it looks French as well – like the ideal corner spot in Paris.
The cappuccino is a personal favorite: foamy, rich but not overly so, served at the perfect temperature. Quick detour to help you recognize a proper cappuccino: Cappuccino does not *have* milk foam on top – Cappuccino *is* foam. If yours has milk foam on top and plain caffe latte underneath, it’s a no-no. The only milk to use is full-fat, fresh: the use of long shelf life milk will infuriate the moody and hyper caffeinated gods of cappuccino. Marotin also makes nice, crispy brioche, freshly squeezed orange juice, lovely pastafrolla biscuits. A cappuccino costs 1,40€.

Via Archimede 59; +39 02 7395 7790
Open daily from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, only in the morning on Sunday



This delightful pasticceria is dolce (sweet) starting from the pastel rose of the walls and the cute lacy bonnets the ladies are wearing. Stopping there for breakfast on a Thursday morning – market day in the neighborhood – is a lovely way to start of the day. I always go for cappuccino and a huge bignè alla crema chantilly (beignet filled with 50% whipped cream, 50% vanilla custard), incredibly rich and satisfying.

Bear in mind that in Italy it is entirely common to pay differently for the same order based on whether you’re standing (or taking away) or sitting at a table, and taking a seat at Sissi is a particularly pricey privilege – we’re talking almost 10€ for a small breakfast.

Piazza Risorgimento 6; +39 (0)2 7601 4664
Wednesday-Saturday: 6.30am to 8.00pm
Closes at 12pm on Monday
Closed on Tuesday



Pave--Where to eat breakfast in Milan

Pavè, we said it before, is one of the best pastry shops in Milan. It is also one of the most pleasant places for the kind of weekend breakfast that starts with cappuccino and brioche – stuff your face with the apricot marmelade-filled 160, be prepared to spill some on your chin / clothes – and move straight on to aperitivo: Pavè has a quirky little list of old school Milanese cocktails. This place is a great choice if you’re going to devote more than the average Milanese time for breakfast – that is, more than 3 minutes.

Via Felice Casati 27; +39 02 94392259
Monday-Friday:8am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8.30am-7pm



Taglio-Best breakfast places in Milan
Now you know everything about traditional Milanese breakfast. But maybe, despite what they say about being in Rome etc etc, you wake up with a dead-set motivation to get a savory breakfast instead. No judgement! (Full disclosure: it also happens to us when we are badly hungover). The laid-back Taglio, on the Navigli, is the perfect place for you: every morning they have amazing pour-over coffee and a variety of dishes: scrambled eggs (plain, with vegetables, bacon, or salmon & eggs) plus pancakes, omelettes and crepes. They don’t come particularly cheap though: expect to pay around 14-17€ for a plate of eggs, well within the range of Milan pricing, but easily some of the best in the city.

Via Vigevano 10; +39 02 36534294
Monday-Friday: 8am-11:45pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am-11:45pm