Restaurants in Milan on Corso Garibaldi

From piazzas to statues to streets to train stations, it seems like everywhere you go in Italy, you’ll find the name “Garibaldi” somewhere. And Milan is no different. Who or what is Garibaldi?, you might find yourself wondering. Well, we have an answer for you: Giuseppe Garibaldi was one of the four prominent figures of the late nineteenth-century Risorgimento, the Italian Unification movement. In addition to Stazione Garibaldi,  one of Milan’s major train stations, you’ll also find Corso Garibaldi, home to many, many restaurants in Milan. It starts along Via Pontaccio in the Brera area (not too far from the Lanza metro) and extends to Piazza XXV Aprile, where Eataly Smeraldo stands. The long, lovely Corso Garibaldi in Milan offers a charm that’s well, quintessentially Milan as well as a number of restaurants in Milan, some of which lack in the city’s quintessential charm! Given Corso Garibaldi’s close proximity to the Brera,  you’ll find some great restaurants in Milan if you know where to look. Here are some of our picks for the best restaurants in Milan on Corso Garibaldi.

– Text and Photo: Jackie DeGiorgio

Panino Giusto

Panino Giusto--Restaurant Milan--Corso Garibaldi This gourmet panini shop is perfect for those who are looking for a satisfying bite to curb their appetite and then carry on with their agendas. Take your pick from an array of flavorful specialty sandwiches that range from classic to Panino Giusto's very own creations like the Garibaldino with bresaola, mozzarella, seasonal tomatoes, arugula and extra virgin olive oil. Other options may be made from particular ingredients such as English roast beef or three-month aged speck. Chef Claudio Sadler, of the eponymous two-star Michelin restaurant in Milan, even created a few offerings especially for Panino Giusto.

Corso Garibaldi 125; + 39 02 65 54 728

Open seven days: 12pm to 1am



Parma & Co

Parma and Co--Restaurant Milan--Corso Garibaldi This delicatessen and salumeria run by father-and-son team Stefano and Camillo Carmignani specializes in Parma's best including products such as "Maiale Nero Brado della Corte dei Neri, Razza di Parma," exquisite pork made from a special breed of black pigs native to Parma and "Parmigiano Valserena di Latte di sola Vacca Bruna" a hard-to-find cheese coveted and enjoyed by many a distinguished palate. The restaurant serves up specialties from the Emilia-Romagna region.

Via Delio Tessa 2 (corner of Corso Garibaldi); + 39 02.89096720

Open Monday – Saturday: 12pm to 3pm; 7pm to 10:30pm; Sunday Brunch: 12pm to 4pm


Photo: Parma & Co

Temakinho Brera

Temakinho Brera--Restaurant Milan--Corso Garibaldi The Navigli outpost of the Brazilian-inspired Japanese restaurant was the subject of our very first 3-View. The flavorful, Japanese-inspired Brazilian maki and temaki rolls include Salmon Picante made with salmon tartare, chives, spicy sauce and flying fish caviar and the Siri' Completo made with crab, flying fish caviar, avocado, spicy mayonnaise and sweet and sour sauce. Enjoy one of the fruit flavored caipirinha cocktails such as açaí or mango, or sip a Brazilian beer.

Take care to book a few days in advance as reservations go quickly. Otherwise, show up by 8pm to guarantee a seat at one of the outdoor tables reserved for walk-ins, which are covered and heated during winter.

Corso Garibaldi 59; + 39 02 7201 6158

Open seven days, 12pm to 3pm; 7pm - 12am


Photo: Jackie DeGiorgio

Osteria Brunello

Osteria Brunello--Restaurant Milan--Corso Garibaldi This elegant osteria boasts a menu of delicious contemporary Italian cuisine where you’ll find a number of seasonal specialties such as risotto with porcini mushrooms, hazelnuts, fontina and lardo, and classics like a traditional Milanese veal cutlet. The wine list features 200 carefully selected labels with a strong focus on Brunello so you’ll find lots of Sangiovese options in addition to bottles from all across the boot including Franciacorta, Barbaresco, Barolo and Greco di Tufo. You'll find salads and a club sandwich on the lunch menu!

Corso Garibaldi 117; +39 02.659.2973

Open seven days a week: 12:30 – 2:30pm; 7pm – 23.30



Osteria dei Poeti

Osteria dei Poeti--Restaurant Milan--Corso Garibaldi This charming trattoria emits old-world allure. The lunch menu, written daily on a piece of paper, includes two pastas and two secondi, and you can’t beat the prices. Pastas usually run about 4€ and secondi, 7€; dinner prices are also economical. In an effort to be healthy, the kitchen shuns salt and therefore doesn’t use any in their cooking which can render some of the output bland, though they do thoughtfully place saltshakers on every table. Yes, we know this isn't the same as cooking pasta in boiling salted water, but you can't beat the prices so we wanted to include this for anyone on a budget. The desserts, particularly the apple pignoli, shouldn’t be missed!

Worth noting: the place is so old world that the toilet--or lack thereof, rather--is literally a hole in the ground. If that's not your style, we suggest taking a coffee at the nearby Carpe Diem Cafe' after your meal so that you can relieve yourself in their 21st century bathroom if necessary.

Corso Garibaldi, 40; +39 02.869.0321

Open for lunch and dinner; closed Sunday


Photo: Jackie DeGiorgio

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