A collection of advice for how to live well in Milan. Where to eat in Milan, things to do in Milan and things to see in Milan. We’ve made the mistakes, done the boring things and tasted the bad plates so you don’t have to.

Thanksgiving in Milan 2016

Thanksgiving in Milan doesn’t mean that you have only risotto or ossobuco at your disposal for a holiday repast. Click here for where to dine in Milan to celebrate the quintessential American holiday.

Pan dei Morti: the Bread of the Dead

Halloween has come and gone, and on 2 November, the Milanese commemorate their dearly departed loved ones by eating some pan dei morti. Read up on “the bread of the dead” and where to find it in Milan .

Where to eat in Milan: Navigli Restaurants

Although often classified as “up-and-coming,” the Navigli district has already arrived and is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Milan. Here are five restaurants in Milan in the Navigli district.

English Cinema in Milan

Because sometimes dubbing can be too distracting to enjoy a film, here are some movie theaters in Milan that show English-language cinema.

Valentine’s Day in Milan 2016

Valentine’s Day is almost here. For all of your romantics out there, we have rounded up some exquisite restaurants here in Milan where you can celebrate the holiday.

Friday Food Porn: Panino Giusto

Where we share very important (sort of!) information about paninis and we let you drool all over your keyboard for some food porn by Panino Giusto, who has been making some of the best panini in Milan for over 30 years

Meatless Sunday at Un Posto a Milano

Sunday, 7 June will be devoted entirely to vegetarian cuisine at our beloved Un Posto a Milano. Click here for the details.

Russian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

We’ve had a month to explore Expo Milano 2015, and now, we’re excited to spread the good word. First up: our Jackie on why you shouldn’t miss the Russian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015.

What to Eat at Expo Milano: Street Food

We’ve had one month so far to acquaint ourselves with Expo Milano 2015. Click here for a round up of what to eat on the street food front.