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Milan Dining Guide for August 2017

Was that a rolling tumbleweed in Piazza del Duomo? Well, Milan in August can sure be quiet, restaurants included. Check out list of restaurants in Milan open in August 2016.

Italian style breakfast at Piccolo Peck

Start your day off in Milan’s historic center with breakfast at historic gourmet institution: Piccolo Peck.

Three unusual panini in Milan

We love panini! Here’s a look at three of Milan’s most unusual panini that are perfect for lunch, dinner or a merenda.

New Year’s Day in Milan

Here are some restaurants in Milan where you can enjoy lunch, brunch or dinner on New Year’s Day 2017.

New Year’s Eve in Milan 2017

It’s almost 2017! Here are some restaurants in Milan where you can enjoy an amazing New Year’s Eve dinner.

Where to buy Panettone in Milan

It wouldn’t be Christmas in Milan without Panettone so with the help of Sauce Milan friend and panettone expert Lydia Capasso, we put together five pastry shops where to buy panettone in Milan. .

Christmas dessert recipe

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in Milan at home or want a taste of Milan on your Christmas table, we have the recipe for Peck’s Autumn Bouquet Cake.

Milan Christmas Dining 2016

Christmas is coming! If you’re in Milan for the holidays and don’t want to cook, here are some restaurants in Milan open for Christmas and/or Christmas Eve.

Birrificio Menabrea and Biella

For the gastronomically curious, Biella makes for an ideal day trip from Milan.