Italian style breakfast at Piccolo Peck

We count Peck among one of our favorite gourmet shops in Milan, but Peck is so much more than that…’s an ever evolving gourmet institution! And one that we love. So much in fact, that it’s a stop on one of our food tours.

Last year, the Peck team inaugurated Piccolo Peck, a charming café inspired by Viennese coffee houses located in the heart of the shop, where you can sip your coffee, read a newspaper, meet a friend, have a meeting or just pass the day away. It’s lovely.  (Plus, there’s have wifi!)

From a great selection of both sweet and savory pastries to stellar coffee to delightful juices, we’ve also come to love Piccolo Peck for breakfast.  If you’re not joining us on a food tour, what better place to kick off your day exploring the historic center than by breakfasting in a historic gourmet shop?

Now, Italian breakfast isn’t bacon and eggs, and even though the Italian’s don’t consider it the most important meal of the day, we find it’s satiating regardless if done right. Breakfast usually begins on a sweet note by coupling a cappuccino with a pastry, which can seem a bit strange but trust us…it works!

Here’s a look at some of the delightful pastries you can start your day with at Piccolo Peck. If you insist on something savory, opt for the toast with prosciutto crudo and fontina Valdostana. By the way, here, toast is not necessarily made out of bread that’s just popped out of the toaster oven. Toast is a hot sandwich, kind of like a grilled cheese.  Buona colazione!

Piccolo Peck Kranz con uvetta e arance candite

Kranz, or treccia (braid), with raisins and candied orange.

Fagottino integrale

Whole wheat fagottino pastry

Croissant con crema di mandorle e mandorle caramellate

Almond croissant

Brioches con crema pasticcera

Cream-filled brioche

Brioches classica vuota - Veneziana

La Veneziana, made with a dough that includes three different types of vanilla and orange zests.





























Piccolo Peck: Via Spadari 9;+39 02 80 23 161; website

Tuesday – Saturday: 9am – 8pm
Monday: 3pm – 8pm