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  • "Me? I moved to Milan around three years ago to work for the website FineDiningLovers.com. Since then I've been well and truly down the rabbit hole of food.

    I've eaten my way around Milan, and yes, that is the 1934 classic backwards tea pour you're looking at. I found it in a dusty book at the library one day so quickly memorised the move, ate the page and, a lot of burns later, perfected the pour.

    For the English: I still don't know where to find proper bacon, and trust me I've tried, so, if you've got a hook up, even black market bacon, just name a price and I'm there. Seriously, if you know where to find bacon, send me a message - day or night."

  • "The only Italian of the bunch. Born and raised in a smallish town 30 kms off Milan - you can think of the Como lake if you will, but it's much less glamorous - I've always known I wanted to live in the city. I moved here as soon as I started university - many years ago, some point in the Jurassic era.

    Since then, I have proceded to relentlessy eat my way around the world. My map of the best cocktail bars, best gelaterie, and best Chinese restaurants is always freshly updated - and I call that COMMITTMENT!

    Somehow, I managed to make a real job of my bottomless appetite. So I write - mostly about food & wine, though I love writing about travelling as well - Italy's main National daily, Repubblica, the monthly magazine, Amica, but it's the edgy and witty Dissapore.com that I call home."

  • Born and raised in New York, I spent nearly a decade on New York City's restaurant scene, where I did everything from waiting tables to public relations to special events.

    In 2013, I grew tired of my long distance love affair with Italy, so I picked up and made the move, first to Rome then Milan. I was the food and travel contributor for Dolce&Gabbana's dearly departed e-zine Swide and am now currently the editorial content manger at Musement. I love learning everything I possibly can about this majestic country and I received WSET Level Three Advanced certification to grasp a better understanding of its intriguing wines.

    I am forever on the hunt for a chocolate chip cookie that can stand up to City Bakery’s and it never ceases to baffle me that the Italian word for "dumplings" is "ravioli." In what little down time I have, I chronicle my expat adventures on my blog, A Signorina in Milan.


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    Thanks, Sergio. Hope to see you soon.

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    Great reading your articles, compliments are in order

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    How can I leave a comment on your gelato post? There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do so. Am I missing something?

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