Panino Giusto World Tour

Panino Giusto World Tour

We love it when the world gets to to sample a taste of our dear Milan, so needless to say we’re thrilled about the Panino Giusto World Tour.

Since 1979, the ever reliable Panino Giusto has served some of Milan’s best panini that, despite the company’s growth, have never sacrificed quality. You can check out some of their delectable Panini delights here, but be warned: the panino porn might just make you a bit hungry.

panino giusto world tour presentationOutside of Italy, Panino Giusto has locations in Hong Kong, London and Tokyo, and they have just arrived on the other side of the pond to open their first U.S. location in Cupertino, California. But that’s not all….

The Panino is arguably Italy’s ultimate slow fast food, and as what happens with commercialization, there are many so-called “Panini” that are quantity over quality focused, and aren’t really panini at all as they sacrifice the integrity of the true form of these sandwiches. Not just in Italy, but all over the world, and a little panini education never did anyone any harm. Our resident American didnt start using the single form of the word, panino, until she moved here as in the U.S., just one panino is often referred to as a panini. But anyway, that’s the least of the panino’s problems…have a glance at some of the tourist trap stands lining Piazza del Duomo and you’ll see what we mean. Anyway, we digress…

Enter the Panino Giusto World Tour! This special collaboration with Alessandro Frassica of Florence’s acclaimed ino paninoteca will be hitting up all of Panino Giusto’s overseas locations. Frassica himself will lead workshops celebrating the Italian art of the panino. And that’s not all…in honor of the Panino Giusto World Tour, Frassica created three special Panini to mark the occasion that will be available at the overseas locations only. (Sorry you’re going to miss out on these, Milan…we got to taste them, and they were yummy.)

Panino Giusto World Tour alessandro-frassica-e-i-3-panini-del-panino-tour-crudo-fresco-e-marino

Alessandro Frassica and his three panini for the Panino Giusto World Tour

The Panino Giusto World Tour schedule is as follows . If you happen to be in any of these cities when a workshop occurs, don’t miss it!

• London: 23 – 24 November
• Cupertino: 29 – 30 November
• Tokyo and Yokohama: 20 – 21 February
• Hong Kong: 23 – 24 February

Now, last but not least, the panini:

Fresco: Grilled eggplant and zucchini that has been marinated in herbs and extra virgin olive oil with roasted salty almonds, cherry tomato confit, chia and sesame seeds and drizzled in extra virgin olive oil

Marino: Lightly spiced hummus with mackerel that has been canned in extra virgin olive oil, Taggiasca olives cherry tomato confit and drizzled in extra virgin olive oil

Crudo: creamy sweet gorgonzola cheese with 26-month aged Langhirano prosciutto crudo and red bell pepper mustard