What to Eat at Expo Milano: Street Food

Among the countless reasons we’re lucky to call Milan home, we can count among them the lack of a time constraint when it comes to exploring Expo Milano 2015. There’s certainly no shortage of food at the food-themed fair, but the one drawback is that some of the restaurants are expensive–expensive in the overpriced sense, not in the more-bang-for-your-buck sense. Another drawback of the restaurants? One big meal might render you completed satiated and thus prohibit you from tasting the fruits of the other pavilions’ labors. That’s where street food at Expo Milan comes into play. Why not nosh on multiple bites of the best street food at Expo Milan along the way to keep you satiated?

We’ve had one month to acquaint ourselves with Expo so far and we hope to keep you updated on our discoveries as we slowly but surely continue to explore the entire World’s Fair grounds.  We thought we’d share this round up of the best street food at Expo Milan that our Jackie wrote for Swide in an effort to hopefully, make the process of figuring out what to eat at Expo Milan a little easier for you.  Click here to read her article.

Photo: Jackie DeGiorgio